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08/05/2014 - Practice makes perfect


Talking Asphalt: Looking to the future - September 2014

For this month, here are a couple of points that I think are really important for the future of the asphalt industry. Here we go: (1) we need to bring new people in to our business, and (2) we need a long-term highway funding plan.

Like our highway infrastructure, our asphalt experts are aging. Much of our asphalt technology was developed in conjunction with the interstate construction program, and that was many years back. Many of the giants of our industry have retired; sadly some have died. Many others are approaching retirement...

Designing mixes for top performance

By Dwight Walker

Today’s asphalt paving mixtures are a diverse and complex group of materials. Pavement engineers can select from dense-graded mixes, open-graded (permeable) mixes, stone matrix asphalts (SMAs) and mixes with various reclaimed components and numerous modifiers.


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