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08/05/2014 - Practice makes perfect


Talking Asphalt: Getting it right - August 2014

This month I’m returning to one of my favorite themes – doing the job right. I’m talking about paying attention to the details and providing the best workmanship.

It means delivering a product that meets or exceeds expectations and lasts a long time. Frankly, I’m tired of continuing to find problems that I was trained about 40 years ago to avoid.

I’m talking about such bad practices as using diesel fuel as a release agent, or poorly applied tack coats, or badly constructed longitudinal joints...

Paving to the center of the earth

Asphalt adds safety and efficiency to hard rock mine

By Dave Johnson

Over 93 percent of U.S. roads above the ground are paved in asphalt. But, recently a Montana mine chose to pave their tunnels in asphalt to protect their workers and profits.


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